Unfortunately, given the unpredictability of these times, you may be in a place where you are unsure if holding your event is even a possibility. Faced with three options: "proceed", "reschedule" or "cancel", after all you have invested, none may look appealing. Here's some considerations:

Reevaluate use of perishable and fresh products
If you're paying a vendor for perishable or fresh items that must be ordered in advance, if cancellation or reschedule is a possibility these costs may be more difficult to transfer or recoup. If cancellation or rescheduling is a possibility - inform any vendors providing fresh floral arrangements, food and beverage IMMEDIATELY to discuss options and mitigate risks.
Keep your venue on speed dial
Let's face it - if there's no location it's difficult to have a ceremony or reception. It's imperative to make sure you have an open location that can accommodate your event before proceeding as planned.
Communication is key
Keep in touch with your vendors. We're all in this together and most will be happy to attempt to work through this with you. That being said, it is important to let them know of any potential changes (even if not finalized) so they can make sure they have the appropriate resources to support you.
Send supplemental "save the dates"
Send a save the date with the primary date and any possible alternate date as soon as it becomes available. This allows guests to make the appropriate travel plans.
Reschedule rather than cancel
Many local vendors are ready, willing and able to transfer your event to a new available date so you can get exactly what you planned on with minimal loss.
Always ask about alternatives
If you had a previously scheduled venue who is no longer able to fulfill your event, ask if they know someone who can. They may be able to get you a better deal.
Look at the least allowed
If cancellation is not an option and rescheduling is not an attractive option, you can pair back your guest list to the minimum required to hold the event. This may allow for some cost savings while you fulfill any contractual obligations. This is beneficial to couples using a venue with a long wait list, or those locked into a minimum order of perishable options which can not be canceled on short notice. Always check with your venue and vendors to see what the minimum number of guests is to avoid a penalty, and evaluate the best possible options. You may also wish to contact guests individually to see what their thoughts and feelings are on attending your event to get a better feel for the revised guest count.
Substitute services
See if alternative services can be substituted or contracts can be modified. If cancellation is not an option and rescheduling is not an attractive option, see what else a particular vendor might have to offer that can be substituted or if there is a more basic package you can move into.
Check into insurance
While we can not speak on behalf of insurance companies or policies, it may be worth a call to your insurance agent to discuss your situation in-depth.
Give it away
If allowed by your vendors and venue, ask around to see if there is anyone you can give or sell your wedding services to. What may not be a good option for you may work great for someone else.
Factor in all facets - including YOU
Weddings and large events are a large investment of time and resources which should not be taken lightly. When evaluating your options, be sure to recognize your personal health, safety and limitations. Even small details can make a huge difference. For example, if you hold your wedding, and are in contact with many people perhaps look at taking time off to rest after and postpone any applicable honeymoon to keep yourself from getting run down and falling ill.
Last but not least, remember to write it up
We all realize this is a crazy time for you, but for your vendors who manage at least one wedding per week this can be an absolute administrative nightmare. By submitting requests in writing and obtaining written confirmations catastrophic mistakes can be avoided.
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Ryan von Ahn

Owner, By Request LLC

Local business owner as well as wedding and event industry veteran with just shy of twenty years of experience, Ryan has performed everything from small get-togethers to corporate events boasting thousands in attendance and has even been hired for other Djs' weddings.