It is everyone's job to assist with limiting the spread - including the vendors in attendance at your wedding or event. In many cases, Djs are instrumental in spreading awareness to your audience. Whether it's gathering guests for a simple line dance or shifting their focus to a keynote speaker, a skilled Dj/Emcee should both be able to set an example and command the attention of those in the room. While the choice is ultimately yours as to how you would like to handle your event, if you have booked with By Request, we have plans and suggestions we can use to partner with you to promote a healthy environment and help guests feel at ease.

If you have booked elsewhere or are currently in the market for Dj services, we've assembled some questions and recommendations you may direct to your Dj regarding events during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic:

How many microphones do you bring? Do you show people how to properly hold them? Do you disinfect them after use?
Given the current situation, it is best practice to furnish multiple microphones, cover and/or disinfect them and encourage proper placement away from each users' mouth.
Are you willing and able to remind people to "social distance" upon request?
Your Dj should have no issues making ANY announcement that meets the needs of your event, respects your wishes and protects the health and welfare of others.
Is there anything you might do that would cause people not from the same household to be in close proximity?
Whether its something standard occurring the end of the bouquet and garter toss, a simple dollar dance, or dismissing tables for a buffet your Dj should be willing and able to partner with you to respect any social distancing wishes you have or directives from local authorities. Additionally, any "party games" or "acts" that promote physical contact should be reevaluated.
Do you have any ideas to help promote social distancing?
Most experienced service providers (including Djs) should have an awareness of the layout of a wedding, including any item or area frequented by guests and should be able to partner with you to identify alternate ways to do things as needed.
If you are including a photobooth, what are you doing to ensure the props are safe?
Your service provider should be able to easily answer this question. At minimum, disinfectant should be made available. Disposable props may be another viable option. In our opinion, if props are still to be provided by the company, shared masks that come into contact with a guests' eyes, nose and mouth should be out of the question in the near future unless they can be disinfected after every use. For an added layer of fun, you can always think outside the box and see what non-contact items you have around your house that can make fun props, have guests see what that can come up with and bring from their homes, or supply custom novelty cloth masks for everyone.
What do you do to ensure the health of the performer and key staff?
Your service provider should have a plan in place to ensure the health and safety both of your guests and their performers during any applicable consult up to and through their performance. Remote technologies can be used for the sales process and meetings. Performance precautions may include, but is not limited to taking the temperature of employees or contractors, encouraging performers to wear cloth masks, ensuring the emcee has their own microphone and possibly providing an electronic or socially distant way (such as paper) for guests to comfortably make requests.

If you have already booked with us, please be assured we will provide multiple ideas and options to assist you in making informed decisions. You can see our plans and information here. Our priority is (and will remain) to provide fun and elegant event entertainment for our clients while keeping guest comfort and safety in the forefront of everything we do.

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Ryan von Ahn

Owner, By Request LLC

Local business owner as well as wedding and event industry veteran with just shy of twenty years of experience, Ryan has performed everything from small get-togethers to corporate events boasting thousands in attendance and has even been hired for other Djs' weddings.