Vendors have different styles and experience levels. Consequently, each may handle the current situation differently. Generally speaking, here's a few things you may wish to discuss with them if you're planning an event soon:

  • Check to see if remote meetings or remote site visits are a possibility
  • Ask about individually portioning items that might normally be shared
  • If a utensil (such as a serving spoon or knife) must be shared (and disposable alternatives are not available), check into the options or frequency it can be sanitized
  • Reconsider items that create frequent touchpoints for guests (such as cheese trays and dessert tables) unless they can be adequately shielded and staffed
  • Consider a plated meal, or additional staff to serve guests from a buffet, rather than a self-serve buffet
  • Add handwashing or hand sanitizing stations to your event
  • Ensure all vendors participating in formalities and photo/video respect peoples' wishes to social distance, and do not pose anyone in a proximity which makes them uncomfortable.
  • Things like "chocolate fountains", "dips", "passing napkins" and "bobbing for apples" (if anyone actually does this) should probably be out of the question for the time being.
  • Urge any guests who do not feel well or have been exposed to COVID-19 to stay home, or participate in your event remotely

Everyone has different experiences, thoughts and feelings about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, as well as the severity, the way it is being handled, and the way it should be handled. That being said, it is possible there may be things you and one or more of your vendors may not see eye-to-eye on initially. In this case, it is important to air your concerns and allow your vendor to air theirs in relation to your event so you can establish a mutual respect and work together towards the best solution. Above all, it is imperative to select vendors who have the interests and safety of you and your guests in mind and will respect your reasonable wishes.

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Ryan von Ahn

Owner, By Request LLC

Local business owner as well as wedding and event industry veteran with just shy of twenty years of experience, Ryan has performed everything from small get-togethers to corporate events boasting thousands in attendance and has even been hired for other Djs' weddings.