Whether as a courtesy or memento, here's a list of items you can furnish which may provide just as much comfort to your guests as they will laughs and memories:

Consider custom cloth masks personal to your wedding or event.
Hand Sanitizer
Small bottles of hand sanitizer can be distributed to each guest, or larger bottles can be placed at the entry of the venue
Small tissue dispensers make (and have always made) great favors for guests (even before/after COVID-19)
Disposable or personalized cups
Personalized cups with each persons' name on it can make great gifts for your guests as well as ensure the wrong cup is not accidentally used
Disposable or personalized photobooth props
Contemplate getting crafty and creating custom photobooth props for each guest table.

The best souvenirs from a wedding or event are items that are useful and provoke fond memories. Be sure to ask your vendors for their ideas and see what you can do to reflect your brand or unique personalities in anything you provide.

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Ryan von Ahn

Owner, By Request LLC

Local business owner as well as wedding and event industry veteran with just shy of twenty years of experience, Ryan has performed everything from small get-togethers to corporate events boasting thousands in attendance and has even been hired for other Djs' weddings.