When you first thought of bringing everyone together for a celebration, the last thing on your mind was probably keeping them apart. Whether or not you agree with "social distancing", making the proper accommodations may at minimum help put some guests at ease. While not all of the following may have been a part of the original plan, these tips will help reduce prolonged exposure in close proximity to others:

Forego inviting all guests to the wedding ceremony
  • To minimize time together and exposure to others, you may elect to not invite all guests to the ceremony.
  • As an alternative, you can livestream your ceremony or, capture video to be played over a projector at the reception.
  • This option provides some flexibility as well if you are considering separate dates for a ceremony and reception.
Capture what you can
  • Whether a ceremony or a tradition where others may come in close contact, consider using video to capture and playback and/or stream it.
  • If a guest can't physically make it, have them send a video clip of well wishes and have your venue or Dj play it for everyone.
Cut the count
  • Cut down your guest list to ensure proper social distancing of those in attendance.
  • While easier said than done, this may be an easier concession than rescheduling.
Assign seats
  • If seats are assigned, you are in a better position to support social distancing.
  • Personally contact guests regardless of RSVP status to get the most accurate headcount possible.
Add tables
  • Evaluate all unused space at your venue for potential additional tables.
  • This may include temporarily impeding a dancefloor, cocktail area etc., but allows for social distancing
  • When available, rent additional rooms or spaces at your venue.
  • If possible, split guests and activities between indoor and outdoor areas.
Cease seating strangers together
  • Refrain from seating guests who may not normally interact with each other together.
  • For example, when creating a seating chart, seat people by household.
  • If people come into contact with each other on a regular basis (such as coworkers) - seat them together.
  • Opt for a small sweetheart table rather than a large head table so your wedding party may sit with their companions.
Secure more space
  • If possible, rent additional rooms at your venue
  • Leverage all space you can such as indoor as well as outdoor areas.
  • If all else fails, consider changing locations for a sizable space.
Split the list
  • Another option is to "scale back" and proceed as planned.
  • For example, host a small intimate event for immediate family and local close friends in 2020 and host a larger party at a later point.
  • You can still "get married", utilize your facility and vendors and celebrate with all guests when the time is right.
  • Due to potential travel restrictions and social distancing directives, this may be a viable option for those with many out-of-town guests.

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Ryan von Ahn

Owner, By Request LLC

Local business owner as well as wedding and event industry veteran with just shy of twenty years of experience, Ryan has performed everything from small get-togethers to corporate events boasting thousands in attendance and has even been hired for other Djs' weddings.