500 Song Challenge

Sick of that tired playlist you've been sheltering in place with? Let's switch it up!

Local Dj Service, By Request LLC challenges you to listen to 500 new or forgotten songs in 5/2020. Join us in the experience.

Many have been working from home up to and through May 2020. Whether you use music to focus, reminisce, decompress or just get away from it all for a moment in time, we have something for you - our 500 in 5 challenge. We challenge you to listen to 500 "new to you" songs in May, or just relive 500 songs you've forgotten about. We'll be posting 20 playlists with 20-30 songs a day. We challenge you to go through them, and pick out things you haven't heard yet or haven't heard in a while.

For those that sound familiar, take a moment to go back in time and think about where you were last you heard them, or just relive the memories they bring back.

If you already know the selections on a particular day, take a stab at creating your own list 20-30 (perhaps themed) and shre it with us!

Some playlists will have themes - some may not. Maybe some have a suttle theme you are able to pick up on. There's really no right or wrong with this.

For the most part, we'll try to steer away from songs currently seeing high airplay and songs which frequent weddings and events to allow you to listen to something different than you probably already have on your home playlist. We went through our folders and selected songs that needed a little bit of love.

So how long would it take me to listen to 500 songs anyway?

Assuming an average of 3-5 minutes a piece, it could take anywhere from 25 hours to around 40 hours. So the challenge can be completed between a day and a workweek. So, you could use these to build out your Memorial Day Weekend playlist, or just have them on in the background next week at work. It's on your own time - the choice is yours.

Do I have to register?

No - everything you need is below! We've aready built the playlists! This is just for fun and something different to do since we all need a distraction right now. We've tried to keep as many of the selections as PG or PG-13 as possible, so listeners with young families can expose their children to different decades and formats. But...I'll caution you now - on some days we've given you a little bit more than the suggested 20-30 - we'll call these "bonus selections". You may want to listen to the "bonus selections" while you can to hit your 500. Oour initial intent behind these was to give you a few extras just in case you weren't feeling some of the selections or wanted to try a different title or artist. Then...we created Day 20's list - a special punishment for many listeners. Many of you probably don't want to listen to Day 20's list, so, again, take the bonuses where you can. Let's get started!

Day 1

Shelter In Place

OK, so we're starting you off easy and cheating a little bit here. Since everyone else is posting motivational playlists we figured we'd make our own.

Day 2

The 1950's

See how many of these forgotten favorites you recognize from the golden age of television and the decade which started the "Billboard Hot 100" list.

Day 3

The 1960's

Dominated by the Vietnam War and Civil Rights Protests the 1960's were arguably the end of the "Rock n Roll" movement. Listen for yourself to see if you can hear how the format changes with the decade.

Day 4

The 1970's

Memories from this era may include bell bottoms and disco - but we've avoided most of that in our list. The beginning of the decade sounds a lot like the 60's however, by the end it takes on an entirely different sound.

Day 5

The 1980's

The 80's enjoyed many technology advancements, some of which (the synthesizer and drum machine) made music. As a result, the 80's enjoyed the birth of new musical formats.

Day 6

The 1990's

The rise of the internet and (arguably) the fall of music videos on TV. Music from the 90's was all across the board.

Day 7

Mother's Day

Since Mother's Day is in May - we're going to take a quick time out from our "scheduled" programming to build our own playlist for it.

Day 8

Sunshine and The Beach

We all know May can start off a little cold - and maybe even snowy. Here's some music to remind you of warmer times. See how many songs sound familiar!

Day 9

Musical Medicine

We were thinking about those on our front lines - and wanted to make a "Medical Themed" playlist. It's actually harder than you'd think. But seriously - thank you to our essential heroes.

Day 10

Turn of the Century

What were you doing when Y2K was on the horizon? Here's some examples of what was playing. See how many songs you remember.

Day 11

New Jack Swing

This is a forgotten format that was once popular in the 80's and 90's. See if any of these sound familiar.

Day 12

Progressive Rock

AKA "art rock", it's not a widely known format, however, many popular "rock bands" either started or pulled influences from this Genre. Many of you should recognize the first song on the list.

Day 13

Family Friendly Fun

Novelty songs for both the young and the young at heart.

Day 14

Yacht Rock

If you patiently await the "Yacht Rock" channel on Sirius/XM every summer you know what I'm talking about. For everyone else - you may recognize these songs from your local dentist office.

Day 15

Monday At Work

Songs about working and Monday's. I made this list on a Monday so I wasn't feeling too creative.

Day 16

British Invasion

If you're wondering which "invasion" I am referring to - we tried to capture some 60's and some 80's.

Day 17

Hair Bands

Love it or hate it this was a big part of the 80's. You may know it as a sub-genre of "heavy metal". We know it as something that *one* aunt or uncle always requests at a wedding.

Day 18

Play It Again

We've dissected some songs to see what they were actually "covering" or "sampling". See how many you recognize and how many you can "line up".

Day 19

Drinking Songs

You're almost through the challenge! You've earned yourself a drink. Kick back, relax and see how many of these you know.

Day 20

Aurally Annoying

Think of this playlist as your punishment if you haven't listened to 500 songs yet. Enjoy!