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We realize you've probably arrived at this page because you are either looking for advice as to how to handle a cancelled event, or, are looking for planning guidance as Ohio reopens.

Many hosts don't know what the future holds for their 2020 events, however, they do know their events would not be complete without being able to share their celebration with their guests.

By speaking with couples and event coordinators impacted, we have exchanged ideas, created solutions and come to conclusions to help each of you make informed decisions. We have decided to publish them to benefit the community.

We look forward to seeing you and serving you at your weddings and events once again, as we move forward and through this together. #CommunityOverCompetition

A New Tool For The Community - TCTME - It's Free!

We're seeking vendors and venues looking to fill available dates - and hosts and couples who need them!

We've partnered with a local web developer to create a service directory that can match you based on your availability to those who need your services.

We encourage all vendors who have available dates to create a free profile and post their availability. Couples and hosts can search for your services on the date needed. This service is free to the community and we are NOT selling your information.


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Soundtracks for "Sheltering In Place"
Join us in the 500 Song Challenge!

Sick of that tired playlist you've been sheltering in place with? Let's switch it up!

Whether you want to call it the "500 Song Challenge" or "500 in 5/20", local Djs are challenging you to listen to 500 new or forgotten songs.

Join Us In This Experience.

Join Us In This Experience

We're Here to Entertain You!
We're sending Djs to you Memorial Day Weekend!

Well...maybe not in person.

We missed connecting with you - so local Djs from By Request and Bruce Steven Entertainment be connecting up our computers to Dj for you at your house wherever you are via Live365, a streaming/internet radio platform.

Tune In!

Tune In

Articles & Resources

Cleveland, Ohio

Working With Your Dj to Promote Wellness and Social Distancing

  • By Request LLC

It is everyone's job to assist with limiting the spread. Since Djs are instrumental in spreading awareness, here's some ways they can promote wellness as they emcee your event.

Cleveland, Ohio

Planning a Summer 2020 Wedding With Your Vendors

  • By Request LLC

Vendors have different styles and experience levels. Consequently, each may handle the current situation differently. We've assembled a list of talking points to help you help them.

Cleveland, Ohio

COVID-19 Guest Keepsakes For Your Consideration

  • By Request LLC

Suggestions for souveniers from your 2020 event that will be as memorable as the times we live in.

Cleveland, Ohio

Seating to Support Social Distancing

  • By Request LLC

While it's likely not the chart you had in mind, we've assembled some tips for keeping people apart while bringing them together.

Cleveland, Ohio

Protecting Your Investments When Cancelling or Postponing

  • By Request LLC

For some, rescheduling or cancelling their event is inevitable. We realize what goes into an event and what you have invested - so we've assembled some tips help you protect it.

Cleveland, Ohio

Carefully Crafting Cancellation and Uninvitation Communication

  • By Request LLC

Suggestions on how to deal with communication hosts hope they don't have to send.

Cleveland, Ohio

Is My Event Over Before It Even Begins?

  • By Request LLC

There's a lot of information floating around out there both good and bad. Here's our interpretation.

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